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Happy Children

Happy families, positive mindset, the best start to life, all start here...

Happy Kids




But first, just quickly…


If you're reading this there's one thing I already know about you...


And it's that you've been impacted by mindfulness, meditation, yoga or personal development in some way…


You know the value in personal growth, you know how much easier these things have made your life, how much easier you can cope with stress…


You read, you watch, you attend seminars or webinars, you put it all into practice for yourself…


When you remember...or when you are feeling stressed…






But what do our kids do when they are feeling too much pressure, too much stress...?


Up Until Now, There's NEVER Been Fun Mindfulness & Resilience Taught To Kids...


Kids need mindfulness more than anyone, here's why:









Every adult / parent I speak to, has had obstacles, emotional and mental pain and anguish, work overload, stress and anxiety to deal with, and they try to find a way to be happy with all of this bubbling away in the background…

All of this rewiring can be hard and take a long time to make the changes that we want to see in our lives if we dont know how…

They tell me, “Imagine if we had of been taught this when we were kids, our lives would be so much easier now.”


Imagine if we get it right for our kids…

So they don’t have to struggle through life blindfolded...







That's why mindfulness and personal development had such a massive impact on my life…


Yes, I was the emotional child, the child who cried when mum dropped us off at dads…


The child who felt alone and misunderstood…


The child who struggled with bullies at school…


I was the girl who didn’t know how to handle life and so at age 17, I slipped into a severe depression…

I had no tools on how to deal with the stress, the voices in my head, the feelings of not being included...


But its not all bad...


Because of that Depression, I took a deep dive into healing my life, into meditation, resilience, personal development and mindset…

I’ve gone on to become a specialist in mindfulness, meditation and resilience coaching...


In fact, I became a life coach and author so that I could share my message and my wisdom on how to live your best possible life with the world...





But here is the problem almost all parents and carers face…


When YOU try to teach your kids what you have learned, they fight it, they don’t want to hear it from you, sad but this becomes even truer the older they get…


That's why I teach primary school kids, they love it, the techniques come easy to them and they are willing to learn...


And because I work with primary schools, I know exactly how to get kids to enjoy it…


And then, here’s the best part, THEY HAVE THESE TOOLS FOR LIFE...

And That's Why I Created The Powerful Me Program!


The Powerful Me Program, Mindfulness & Resilience For Kids Is fun, entertaining and powerful, relatable personal development for kids!


The Powerful Me Program runs for 8 weeks and is super easy to do, you just watch it with your child/ren once a week, 10-20 minutes any time you like, after dinner, before dinner, before bedtime.


There is a new module coming to you every week which shares and teaches the best techniques in what neuroscience calls mental plasticity (Rewiring your brain- yes meditation and mindset training does this).

I translate them into kid friendly lessons about: 

  • Coping with Change

  • How to self calm

  • How to think about things in a productive way, a helpful way

  • Gratitude for happiness

  • Kindness

  • Meditation

  • Courage & Confidence

  • Mindfulness - being present

  • Positive Attitude to help you feel better

As a parent you're already doing an amazing job and The Powerful Me Program is a tool to make your life and job as a parent and carer easier and your kids lives better - to reinforce the things you're already teaching them and to teach them when they wont listen to you!

Meditation and Positive Mindset techniques moved me from a shy, sensitive child to a happy, confident & emotionally aware person.

You see, even as kids, when we know what stresses us out and what the signs are within our body, it gives us a feeling of control over our lives, a feeling of confidence in who we are.

The more confident that we become, the more focused and happy we become.

And what fills us (both kids and parents alike) with supreme confidence is knowing that we have the tools and techniques to handle our emotions and stresses as they come along.

And then our kiddies become so much happier and learn how to free themselves from limiting beliefs.

So, I spent some of my years in my 20’s, working like crazy to find the best, most lasting ways to have a  happy, easy life:

My teachers were among the greatest there is in the fields of Meditation, Mindfulness, Resilience & Mindset Training. And along with determination, they made me more:

  • Balanced

  • Happy

  • Positive

  • Joyful

  • Secure

  • Thoughtful & Respectful

  • Self Confident

  • Focused

  • Calm

Would you love to see more of this in your Child/ren?


We all want the best for our kids, I know you do, or you wouldn't be reading this.


We want them to be happy and reach their fullest potential...without fear and conflict dominating their thoughts and their lives... 

We want our child/ren to be the best they can be... 


Showing children (and their parents) how to control their anxiety, stresses of everyday life and go through life easily with as much fun as possible is what the Powerful Me program is all about…

And here's the good news, for a limited time...

You can give your kids and family access for just $297!

This is an absolutely crazy saving, originally the ‘Powerful Me Program’ is $997 and we've already impacted and changed kids lives forever... (You can see all the amazing results on the bottom of this page)

But right now, on this page we're giving it away an RIDICULOUS DISCOUNT…

It would be a no brainer for anyone who wants their kids to learn to be free of stress and anxiety in any way…


We are giving your child/ren (and you) full access to the ENTIRE Powerful Me program for only one payment $297...

And then its yours…


For life....



You work hard for your family right?

Sometimes you have so much stress that you suffer headaches, migraines or bouts of ‘Stay out of mums way!’ right?


Of course you do, we all do as parents…

That's why, when you sign up and pay in full, we are GIVING YOU THE FOLLOWING:

  • 8 weeks of solid bonding time with your child/ren while doing the ‘Powerful Me Program’

  • An exercise each week for you and your child to complete through the week to enhance your benefits and bring real transformation into your life

  • 3 live Q & A sessions during the 8 weeks (In the private facebook group)


  • Free Centering and calming meditation upon enrollment worth $47



Join the ‘POWERFUL ME PROGRAM’!          

And Claim Your FREE Bonuses


Think about it...


$297... that's less than we spend on after school activities these days... Are your kids worth that?


When you break that down over 8 weeks, it's just $5.30 a day...


What would you spend to:

  • Give your kids the skills to cope with stress?

  • Give them these skills which last a lifetime?

  • Create wonderful bonding memories with your kids?

  • Give your kids a sense of self worth?

  • Get your kids on the right path in life?

  • Give your kids a sense of self importance?

  • Instill a sense of gratitude in your kids?

  • Instill a thoughtful attitude of kindness? 

  • Instill the right habits they need to live their best life? 

  • Have them self manage their emotions before they get out of hand?

  • Have your children’s teachers compliment you on your kids assertive and calm manner?

  • Get them to turn negatives into creative positive solutions? 

  • Create a respectful relationship with them?

  • Teach them the right way to look after their mental and emotional health?  

  • Help make their life easier when times get tough?

If you find even one of those things valuable as a parent, then this is an absolute no brainer for you...


So click the button below right now to join this amazing program before places are all sold out and your family misses out!





Join ‘Powerful Me Program’

And Claim Your FREE Bonuses Immediately!


Parents, wait there is more…


You know a lot of this mindfulness and resilience stuff already right, but you are too time poor to teach your kids, and when you have the time, you are too exhausted to think of the right things to teach them...That's where the “Powerful Me Program” comes to the rescue...

I know you will be so happy with the results...

And as my guarantee to you, if you don't feel that this program has given you amazing value and delivered you with usable and effective techniques,  all you have to do is email us at within 14 days of the week 1 start date and we will issue you with your money back in full.


So you see, there is nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Click the link and as soon you have enrolled, you will be sent an email with a link to the private course portal and i’ll see you on the inside.

Check out these happy people below:


Science now tells us that Mindfulness & Mindset (Resilience) training has an proven capacity to protect against the negative effects of stress, lower (& even diminish) anxiety, depression, illness and pain.

  • Regular practice also leads to improved academic performance and better social relationships.

  • Training in Mindfulness & Mindset strengthens our ability to regulate our emotions, create calm within and experience positive emotions on a more regular basis.

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This program is intended for those who are ready and able to take control of their lives in order to achieve a more enjoyable life and frame of mind. This program is not intended to diagnose or treat mental illness or mental health problems.

See your medical professional and or Naturopath if you or your child are suffering mental illness or physical body symptoms of any kind.

This program may be used as a guide and assistance to living with a balanced frame of mind and is an essential adjunct to your professional healing program.

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