• Are you praying and wishing for someone to show you exactly what to do in order to heal from depression and anxiety for ever?


  • Are you desperate to quieten that horrible voice in your head which tells you that you are a looser and deserve to feel like this?

  • Tap into your own intuition and put yourself and your opinion first and start taking precious care of yourself?

  • Are you ready to finally feel like you are worthy?

  • Do you want and need help right now?


Give me your PROVEN STEP BY STEP GUIDE and training on healing from depression and anxiety without the side effects, which will show me how to turn my life around and become happy again.


I want to live a happy life, enjoying every day and meeting every challenge with grace and ease and i want to stop stressing so much. I can't wait to live life with more ease and be more present when I’m with my loved ones.


Dear super (busy) woman or man,


  • Are you at ‘breaking’ point and wishing for someone to help in a nurturing, healing and professional way?

  • I know that you just want to be you, but you don't know how to find out who that is right?

  • Are you ready to create a solid foundation to steady yourself on so you can ‘do’ life with ease?

  • Are you desperate to find a way to live life feeling balanced and happy?

  • Are you willing to tap into your own intuition and put yourself and your opinion first and start taking precious care of yourself?

  • Are you ready to finally feel like you are worthy?

  • I know you want and need help right  now right?


If you answered yes, then stick around for a bit.


I believe you are right where you need to be and what i’ve got for you here may be the exact missing pieces you’ve been looking for for a long, long time.


Check this out….

Where I am today is so far from where I was in my depression.

Now, I accept myself, I truly love and support myself...I am my own best friend and support.

When I fall, I am the one who quickly and easily picks me up, in loving ways that I need that support.

I am no longer reliant on other people, family and friends to make me feel good. The way I feel is dependent on me only now.

I didn't even know i could do that back when i was depressed. I wish I had of had someone to tell me and support me back then, like I do for myself now.



  • Reiki Master / Energy Healing

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Bowen Therapy

  • EFT and NLP

  • Life Coaching / Mentoring

  • Remedial Therapies


  • I use the power and techniques of elite athletes and yogis to control my mind so that any stress I have is minimal.

  • I use the deep spiritual healing techniques of ancient wisdom to clear my energy and heal any deep spiritual wounds.

  • I eat for mind health and body health and energy rather than for filling my stomach.

  • I have a deep well of happiness in the place of the old empty hole.

  • I know that I may still encounter and have negative experiences but I know now how to keep a level head and ride the wave of whatever it is, on top, not under the water, struggling to keep my head up.


Today I enjoy my life, I truly do and I love my job:


“I help people discover and live their life's purpose, through healing, strategizing and actioning, so they never feel lost, confused or self defeated ever again, so they can live the life they love.”




But before I got to this point in my life, I was here:


    • I felt lost in my busy world of putting everyone's needs before mine.

    • I had no personal direction.

    • Nothing to look forward to.

    • My family didn’t encourage or guide me in any way.

    • I was going through the motions.

    • I would get really frustrated with people on the road

    • I had a huge ball in my stomach / solar plexus (In between my ribs)and it wouldn't go away.

    • I was miserable a lot of the time even though i didn’t admit it.

    • I got frustrated easily.

    • I was searching, searching for me, the good old me. Searching for answers, not knowing if i would ever find them or feel better again.

    • I was lost on an emotional roller coaster.

Until i couldn't take it anymore, I had to get help:

        The day i started to make changes in my life was the day i was hitting my head on the floor over and over again, i knew i was messed up and needed help.

        I knew i was so good at hiding my depressed feeling from others that no one knew, so i went to my mother for help. I was 17.

        She took me to the doctor who diagnosed me severely depressed and wanted to hospitalise me. Luckily i hated needles so much that i refused to go, instead i began my journey on antidepressant medications and all of the terrible side effects of those of course, and talking to a psychologist.

        After a period of time, i was off the medication, but then the depression came back. This time though i didn't want to go back on the medication and suffer its side effects, I was lucky, the psychologist worked with me on this...and so began my journey to becoming my own healer (with medical supervision obviously).

        Nutrients and education became my new focus and i studied hard and learned so much. I got a job working at a naturopath clinic and with their help, nutritionally, i was well on the road to getting back on track.

        Other than nutrition, the power of thoughts and the mind have fascinated me over the years, i have learned and practiced many modalities in the areas of energy healing, regression, forgiveness, being in the now, NLP and other methods to stop my reactive mind sending me into a downward spin all the time.

        It was all beginning to work, but something was still missing...


And that’s how 'Journey to a Greater Me' came to be.  

I figured that surely there would be other people out there who are desperate for some real help, just like I was. Who were desperate to live authentically as their true self  and find their happiness. Who were ready to give themselves permission to live the lifestyle they choose, because it is the only option to living.


And this ebook was designed specifically for you…


  • Clarity on what to do next to hasten your healing so you can start enjoying your life, your family and friends

  • Take control of your life and start making positive changes and have more energy and enthusiasm for life

  • Start seeing a way out of feeling like this and taking action towards it so you can feel the way you want to feel again


  • An upgrade in your self confidence and feelings of worth so you can enjoy who you are and what you do.


  • Strategies for huge internal shifts you need to build the life you dream of every day (There is no pressure here for crazy big dreams, happiness is paramount)


  • Interaction and feedback from ‘like minded’ really amazing human beings who are on a level just like you and are going through the program at the same time


  • Proven tools and methodologies to get your mind and body healed in much less time so you can spend more time doing what matters most to you, with the people who matter most to you


  • Consistent, joyful action on the projects that will bring you the most spiritual and emotional profit .


  • A stronger ability to tune into your internal guidance system to support your life's decisions


  • And the BIG DADDY: You’ll get to avoid the pain and disappointment of letting your circumstances control how you feel, having never really known exactly what to do to look after your mind and body in order to be truly happy and on your unique life path.



Here's the bottom line:

If you follow this program and implement the tools (YES, you do have to do the work) you are given, you will experience a radical transformation in your life.

This course will give you a roadmap to inner and outer freedom like you’ve never experienced before.



If you are clear this is the ideal program for you, dont delay.

So are you ready to access your deep inner truth and heal from depression and anxiety..without the side effects?


If the answer is YES! Then here is your next step: